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Hi from Florida. I have never felt I had a good memory. I see my memory getting worse as I age. I would really like to have a much better memory. It would be great to be able to finally become fluent in another language.


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Welcome! The mind palace is great for learning foreign words if that’s what you’re interested in, I do that all the time and love it, many people here have memorized lists of up to 10,000 words in alphabetical order with these techniques alone, not talent! Best of luck


IMO some of the memory decline that we experience as we age is due to lack of attention. By the time you reach middle age, most of our day is things we’ve done a million times before and we run on auto pilot.

A big part of these methods is developing ways to really engage with something in a way that makes it persistent.

At my age all my friends mention memory problems - some mild - some catastrophic. None of them has shown any interest in using memory techniques.