New member looking to take decent memory one step further

Heyy fellow memory enthusiasts!

I’m a classical piano student that has always been interested in memory. Without systems I never had problems remembering basic stuff. For one, I don’t have my friends’ names attached to their number in my phone contacts. Or when learning about Pi in 6th grade I remembered 200 digits for fun in about an hour

I became even more interested in memory when I discovered Harry Lorayne’s superpower memory book. I read it halfway years ago, but only tried the systems a couple of times. I’ve just taken it up again - would appreciate if someone could tell me if it is outdated at this point however! :slight_smile:

Knowing the inner workings of memory has been valuable anyhow. I understand how my biggest memory accomplishment - the “Rach 3” a piece with roughly 30,000 notes to play on the piano - uses sound (music) as a natural memory algorithm. Along with muscle memory and visual patterns

I’m looking to start using distinct memory systems regularly though. One immediate question would be about pegs; will hundreds of images on the same peg not collide with each other at some point? Say you want to memorise fifty different sets of 100 objects?

That’s about it, I hope to learn and stay motivated through this community. Memory is a beautiful thing, without it we are nothing… although I find some things in life difficult to get over when you can’t forget :thinking:


Use a memory palace instead of a peg system.

Or use anything that might help memorization.