New Member: Liesel, Philadelphia


In looking at options for learning Spanish I stumbled first upon Timothy’s book title, Accelerated Spanish, & then found some of the online materials.

I’m attracted to this approach to language learning because retaining volcab has always been my Achilles heel. I love languages and in the past had reading proficiency in two different languages (besides my native tongue): German & Latin. I’ve since lost this proficiency, tho I’d like to regain the German someday.

I’ve also commenced study of other languages on a few occasions. Spanish & Italian are foremost on my list, but I’ve also always dreamed of learning Portuguese & Dutch. I’m settling on Spanish for now because at least it’s a language I can easily practice & regularly speak, given its prevalence in Philadelphia (where I live).

I need some direction as I get started. This site, I gather, is not the language learning site but rather provides information on memory aids - correct? So I’ll take a look to get a feel for the methodology. Where do I go to begin studying Spanish? Although I’m thinking I’ll buy the book sometime soon, I want to get a sense of how this works.

Thank you!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a free ebook and some FAQs on the getting started page. They can provide an overview of the basic techniques. There is also a language learning section in the forum that might interest you.