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Hi guys,
First of all I hope you’re all in good health,

I’m Lexa, 28yo, from France, so, sorry in advance if I made any mistakes in this post!

  • I discovered this forum after following the MOOC “learn to learn” on Coursera

  • Long story short I always had trouble with maths & logic problems, mostly because my frustration, embarrassment, and anxiety prevent me from trying. Every time I have to resolve a simple subtraction (to give change for example) or if someone asks me “hey what’s the result of 7*7 ?”, my mind becomes blank (or more like I have a dark cloud inside my head) and I just can’t think.

  • I also always thought that if you’re not good at something, it just means it’s not for you and it is at it is. So following this MOOC was a revelation for me (I’m not paid to say this I swear it’s the 1st time that I’m doing this ahah) : you mean that with good methods and training, I could improve even in the areas where I’m struggling?
    It’s wonderful how a simple sentence can change a whole state of mind, one should start educating children by just telling them that they are capable of success.

  • Anyway, now that I’m in the right mindset, I’m ready to try and improve myself, I would like to:

  • Learn basic mental calculus, to be able to resolve subtractions quickly
  • Really learn multiplication tables so the answers “pop” in my brain “naturally”
  • Why I’m doing this?
    I’m an entrepreneur and my dream has always been to open a bar. I am going to follow a one-year training course and my biggest goal is to be able to memorize all the official cocktails (60 in total).

I know it’s not big goals like some I can read here, but for the 1st time in forever I feel like I have a purpose, so baby steps, right?


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A whole category for that here #mental-calculation …enjoy, if it’s not already in there just post your question and you should quickly get an answer.

Cool… I brought that one up as a memory challenge once before, maybe you can post more details here…

Welcome to the forum!

Hi Lexa,

welcome !

I can relate to your story, I always struggled with memory and calculus as well !

Best way to remember multiplication tables and to have the answer really pop in my head for me is spaced repetition and then practice faster and faster. You can use funny associations at first if you feel it’s helping.

60 cocktails should be a walk in the park with the method of loci and a nice palace with some nices images.

We have a french memory sports associations and some groups you can join in case you want to share with some french mnemonists and enthusiasts.

feel free to contact me, it will be a pleasure !

à +


Thanks for the wecolme and the links guys!
Et merci @guillaumepetitjean je ne manquerais pas d’aller voir ça :slight_smile:

de rien, avec plaisir. Nous avons des challenges fréquents et des groupes whatsapp et Facebook si ca t’intéresse.

Bon entraînement !