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Hi Folks

I’m a retired Canadian living in Mexico who wants to improve his Spanish. Currently I would say that I am at a high beginner/low intermediate level. While looking at learning options online I noticed one company that uses a memory palace to help beginners learn new vocabulary based on the most common words in Spanish.

What a good idea. That led me to re-read “Moonwalking with Einstein” and renew my interest in using the memory palace technique to expand vocabulary at the least and maybe to internalize some of the grammar of the language too.

So, I’ll be poking around posts that talk about memory techniques that aid in language learning and I am looking forward to interacting with other like-minded members.



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I mentioned this recently in another thread—so forgive me if you’ve already seen this—but I’d recommend checking out Dominic O’Brien’s book How to Develop a Perfect Memory, where he devotes a chapter to using a memory palace (based on an entire village) for language memorization.



There’s also some information about that technique on the memory town system for languages and how to memorize vocabulary pages.

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Thanks for the tip. I will definitely check out this book.