New member: LanceH, U.S. (Midwest)

Hi everyone,

Lance here. I’m an IT professional from the American Midwest region (think flat farmland), although I live in regionally larger urban area.

Like many, I came upon the AoM website after picking up “Walking With Einstein.” I’ve always been fascinated by anything related to the mind - whether it be intelligence, creativity, memory or willpower. The caveat is that I never have felt as though I could be on the same level the intellectual giants, so I resigned myself to being average.

My wife works with elderly patients and one thing she continually mentions is that the ones who are doing the best, the longest are those who A) keep up their health, B) are socially active and C) are intellectually curious.

One thing I noticed was that I’ve gotten lazy - resorting to mindless social media meanderings. So I started to learn new skills - solving Rubik’s cubes, sketching and painting, blacksmithing and bladesmithing, languages, etc., all in an effort to live a fuller life than that which is supplied to me from an AI algorithm on YouTube.

My greatest memory feat? No particular event, but generally I’m good with faces - even faces of people I’ve had little to no interaction with.

Memorization and mental feats (fast math, calendars) are my next challenge. Currently I’m studying for my real estate broker’s exam to support a side hustle in investing, so I’m keen to all the past forum posts related to studying, exams, and flashcard memorization techniques.

Beyond the exams, I’ll likely stay around to learn math techniques. I have no real desire to memorize long lists of random numbers, pi or prime numbers, but learning how to do basic math (like three digit to three digit multiplication stuff) might be somewhat fun and useful.

Thanks for hosting a great site and thanks to all the forum members who continue to contribute great information!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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