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Hi, I am a storyteller and a practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming. In an online interview, I saw a memory athlete memorize a deck of cards. I was very surprised to see that. In one my recent online education programs from the University of California, I learnt that memory can be trained and my search for a platform that could help me train my memory landed me here. I would like to learn how to use different memory techniques…I have recently started reading the book “You can have an amazing memory”. Wanted to understand if you can share some ideas and tips on how to train your brain to make instant connections (link method) between two unconnected words; for example: pen and soup. Thanks


You want to usually use your first associations you come up with when you think of the two words. For me, I think of eating the soup with a pen. I find this image funny. You always want to have emotion when you are creating your images because your emotion will make things a lot easier to remember.