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I want to start a club that teaches local people how to practise memory training, learn the Major system, POA’s, Memory Palaces, how to make mind maps etc Step by Step
In order to Memorise historic dates, Periodic Table of Elements, Countries, etc
So Where do I start,


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Are you looking for activity ideas or for information on the techniques?

Where to start, which technique should we start learning when aiming for a radiant memory

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If you haven’t seen it yet, there are some resources on the how to learn memory techniques page.

Here are some activities we’ve done our memory club meetups that might provide some ideas:

Peg lists

Create a peg list and practice memorizing something with it.


Method of loci

Learn the method of loci and practice memorizing something with it. The US Presidents can be done with new groups in about 60-90 minutes. Also, all the bones of the body, if you use your own body as the memory journey (example: mnemonics for tarsal bones).


I used to walk people around an area (like a park), show them how to memorize the Presidents, and then give them a document with the journey on it to help them review later.

Here’s an example:
memory_palace_golden_gate_park.pdf (3.5 MB)

Memorize binary numbers or card colors

This exercise teaches how to create mnemonic images from abstract data (colors or binary numbers) and place them in a memory journey.



Learn a number memorization system

I usually start by teaching the number shape system and then the major system (or my system).



Memorization Practice

You can practice memorizing names & faces, numbers, cards, words, and images on Memory League. There are additional programs on the memory training tools page.

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A quick and effective start is a basic Journey. If you have favorite hikes, walks whatever that you remember, just select locii and you’re ready to go. A journey is a very useful technique. I use it alot.

Get to know your own brain, especially when it comes to forming vivid persistent images or memories. Every one is different. There’s a lot of emphasis on visual images and that’s a good
starting point for most people but in fact, some people use a mix of things, sound color, spoken words - tailor it to the horse you are riding.