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Hey everyone. I’m Kemsimba. I enjoy taking advantage of simply gaining new knowledge. I’m between jobs right now and leave it at that. I am originally from St. Louis, Mo. but I moved to Los Angeles, Ca. But my interests are learning, physical fitness, mental fitness and YouTube.
When I first encountered memory techniques, I was online watching a video on reading more efficiently. It had a peg system demonstration for making mental lists. That was officially the first mnemonic technique I had ever used. But it was during a presentation of NOVA ScienceNow(this episode featured individuals like Chester Santos and Nelson Dellis whom are OGs of memory. It also showed savants George Weidener and Derrick Amato) that really pulled me in. The first book I read on any remote technique training in mnemonics was “Secrets of Mental Math” by Arthur Benjamin. Good :open_book:. I highly recommend it. I love how mnemonics help me to be more cognitively productive. I’m able to encode, retain and recall with greater efficiency. It gets really good when I do so without mnemonics. Using my “true” memory alone.
My greatest memory feat is retaining about 62 sequences of binary codes representing capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers(0-9).
I feel like I can do anything but I still make mistakes. The worst obstacle for me is being absent-minded. I still get distracted easily. It’s not an impediment but it doesn’t help in certain situations.
I want to expand my cognition as much as possible. I enjoy speaking different languages. I’m currently on about 9 but the time in the day can be surprisingly short when you live with family members. I’ve done substitutes for language but I didn’t associate. Slipping happened as a result.
The reason I became a mental athlete in training is because I recognize incredible, unimaginable, unlimited power in the human mind. I want to join the ranks of those who know best how to harness this power that is hidden from so many while also openly presenting itself everyday of their lives. I can write the English alphabet in nothing but numbers quickly and more accurately. I can write a paragraph in only zeros(0) and ones(1). Because I want access to all of this :computer: called my :brain:. And I want my daughter to inherit this power.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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