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Hello friends. My age is 25, from India. I am currently preparing for a competitive exam. To clear that I need to study and comprehend more than 25 books like World history, Polity, Geology, etc. The exam is exactly 9 months from now… :tired_face:
I came across this site while searching for ways to memorize faster in Google. If you guys can help me with some tricks or magic to learn all those books. It will be helpful and in return, I’ll send my country’s special sweets…:joy::rofl:



Have a look here as far as memorizing books. This is not specific to any particular subject but for textbooks in general. Might give you an idea as to getting started…

Nice, I’ll have some ras malai please. :wink:

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Hi there! Are you preparing for UPSC-CSE?




Nice to hear from you. :relaxed: How abt you?


Thanks for replying bro. You are in my Sweet List :hugs::partying_face: