New Member: just4fm17

Hi everyone. I’m completely new to all this memory stuff apart from using Anki but I really want to get into it with specific goals in mind. I’ve used Anki in the past to help me study/memorise anatomy and I found the process really enjoyable.

Now though I would like to be able to memorise sports statistics of which there is an abundance out there. I don’t think Anki alone can do this which is what led me to investigating memory techniques and ultimately to this page.

Initially, I would start with a reasonably small table of specific statistics to test the waters and then hopefully build from there (e.g. a table I found on 2020 Quarterback Passing in the NFL which consists of 17 columns and 36 rows. 2 columns for QB Name and Team, the rest being numerical).

Obviously, I could break this down in many ways initially either by reducing rows or columns.

What would be the best way to approach this?

My general goal right now is to memorise as many sports statistics as possible.

Also, I was wondering if the act of using memory techniques sort of primes your brain over time to absorb new information more easily without having to directly use such techniques? And do the techniques get easier to use as well?