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Hi, nice to find this forum.

I learned about memory techniques from watching a magic show - I work on a psychiatric unit and a magician volunteer who comes in once a week mentioned Harry Lorayne this past week, opening my world to the possibilities of memory training. This website seems to be a great resource.

I’ll be starting medical school next year and am fearful of the amount of information I hope to memorize, so this is my primary motivation for developing memory skills. From reading the Art of Memory e-book, I’m excited to get to work practicing these techniques.

My main question is: are there resources or discussion threads geared towards studying for school, particularly medical school or medical themes in general?

Thank you!

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Put the word “medicine” or “medical” into the search box and there should be some results.

Also check out Alex Mullen’s site.


Great, thanks much!