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Hi there. I am 35, from the UK and got into memory training a few years ago. I have a book by Tony Buzan (R.I.P.) and one by Dominic O’ Brian.

I have tried learning the Major System but found it very difficult to get good mental images for the words listed in Tony’s book. I have now started to learn the Dominic System instead.

I do have a knowledge of the basic memory systems (story/linking method, Number Shape and Rhyme, Roman Room & the Alphabet system).

My question is: should I go back and review those systems first before moving on to the Dominic System? Cheers.


Welcome! Depends what you want to achieve. Do you just want a 0-99system to place in small memory palaces for learning your phone # s , card number s , etc.? Or want to compete? What are your objectives exactly?


You can also make your own images if premade ones don’t work for you. There are some additional Major System examples and Dominic System examples in the wiki. There’s also a video on how to memorize numbers that provides an overview. It’s safe to jump right into the Dominic System if you want.


Hi there. Thanks for the reply. I will look at those examples. Cheers.


Hi there. Thanks for the reply. I just want to learn the basic stuff for the time being. So I’ll probably just go for the Dominic system for now. Cheers.


My advice would be to actually start memorizing the things you’d like to learn. Because it’s one thing to have a general idea of how a system works—or is intended to work—and it’s another to actually use it and see how it fits your own temperament and needs.

I’d recommend choosing something you’d like to memorize that includes, say, 20-50 different items. Maybe numbers and/or dates are involved as well. Then, using either a linking/story approach or a memory palace (same thing as a “Roman room”), memorize them. When you run into something you don’t yet know how to work with—two-digit numbers, for example, or dates—then turn to your chosen numbers system (Dominic), get the one answer you need for that one situation, then move on.

You absolutely don’t have to memorize all of your Dominic associations before beginning; you can easily learn them as you go. And you’ll get a feel along the way for the kind of associations that stick best and the kinds of memory techniques that work best for you and for the material you’re learning.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you Bob, that’s very helpful. I will try that.