New Member: jocez, Colombian


Tell us about yourself: who are you, what do you do, where are you from?
I am Jorge Ceballos,I am student of university, I study mechanical engineering, I am from Colombia, Medellin.

I am interested in mental training, because I practice mental calculation and speed reading, I have not introduced myself too much in memory techniques.
Excuse me my English. Barely I am learning English.

How did you find about memory techniques? What did you like about them most?
I find the memory techniques, because I heard about Ramon Campayo,Spanish memory champion, and then I find groups of Facebook about memory techniques, and I’m more interested in those techniques.

What is your current best memory feat?
I remember words in English, It is the aspect where I have most practiced.

What’s currently your biggest challenge when it comes to getting the memory you want?
I can not remember things after a long time, and I want to improve that aspect

Why did you decide to become an Member?
Because I want to learn from the best, and be around people with the same tastes, and because I want to improve my English

(Fuchsia Pseudonym) #2

Hello! It’s great that you want to improve your English. There is a forum section here in Spanish but I don’t think it’s very active.