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Hey everyone! I’m JJ, I’m in my early 30’s, and I’m from Texas as the title suggests(or directly states) and I actually manage a cluster of wind farms.

A little background on me.
I’ve always been pretty good at remembering things just not the things I would like to remember. I’ve always enjoyed learning and I will google and research the most random things because it bothers me to have questions unanswered, so I have a memory bank of years and years of stock piled useless information. I do believe I have always had an above average ability to soak up information but my problem has always been focusing it on the right things at the right time and I’ve always wanted to improve that and see what I was capable of.

Recently I got into card tricks and some cardistry as a way to channel my anxious energy (slightly ADD) so that I could keep from getting distracted during conference calls at work. I decided to learn the mnemonica card stack and that decision led me down a rabbit hole that ended with mnemonics, memory training, and a new membership at ArtofMemory.

My goals are to learn how to learn. To learn how to build and use my memory palace efficiently and how to create larger and more detailed palaces and journeys. I would like to apply these techniques to everything from learning new languages to helping my daughter who struggles with dyslexia learn how to learn as well.

I do apologize for the long post but I appreciate any and all advice I get and I’m excited to see what my memory has in store for me.
So far I have started Quantum Memory Power (still trying to finish my 00-99) and have started trying to apply PAO and the other mnemonic devices I’ve learned daily to my life.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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