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I work as a software programmer. I am from India.

I got to know about memory techniques from the TED talk by Joshua Foer. After this I read his book “Moonwalking with Einstein”
I Was able to apply some of the techniques from the book. I was really bad at remembering people’s name. Now I am getting better with memory techniques :smiley:

It was very difficult for me to practice the memory techniques without proper tools. That is how I reached here in Art of Memory. Here with Memory League and art of memory software, it is very easy to practice the techniques. I am still very new to this field. Thank you for all behind this wonderful “Art of Memory”

Currently my goal is to improve my memory in day to day life and in work (remember names, numbers, foreign language). I also want to improve my overall learning capability.

I am currently working on memorizing numbers with a PAO system and remembering words with linking or Loci method.

I have some suggestion for “Solo Training” in Memory League, I am not sure this is the correct place to mention this. It will be better if there is history for all training sessions. Currently only I can see the best performance. If you see your progress (in a chart) then it will be a good motivation. Also this will help in comparing two different systems (for example for memorizing random Words which method is better working for me).

Happy New year!

Thank you.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Happy New Year! I’m sure your progress will be very fast with such motivation!

@Josh, @AttiLa-24
Thank you.

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Hi George

How would you remember Books and their Authors?
My way is to use a Fun Picture that links the book to the author (in my mind) forever.

An example - What Picture would you use to remember The Ipcress File by Len Deighton?

Here’s my Pic -
Q - (to a librarian) Have you got the Ipcress File?
A - Yes, we’ve got lots of this book as it’s very popular -
We LEND A TON of Them.

That’s it! I can never forget that or the 600 other books/authors I’ve remembered, using FUN pictures.

Good luck!


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Very nice pic, to memorize ipcress file’s author name.