New Member: Jeh, India

Hi guys,
I’m a 25 year old finance student. Previously worked in the Merchant Marines for 3 years till I decided to make more time for myself and change careers.

Been a lurker for the past couple of months and have been training for 10 months. Decided to finally contribute and be a part of the community. Someday I wish to compete on an international level. I’ll be heading for the national championship this year to get some experience.

Love and Warm Regards to everyone in the community,


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Josh! :slight_smile:

Welcome Jeh!!

Hope your stay here will be fruitful. Please share your achievements in your training here as and when possible. Those details will help others learn and discuss things with you.

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Thanks Tushar!
Currently my best record for speed numbers is 100 digits in 6:41 and 30 cards in 3:00.
Is there a section on this site where I could feed these in? I know I’m far from good but I’m sure this time next year my skills will be much better.

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