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Hello there,

I’m new on the forum, so I’ll present myself very briefly. I’m hailing from good ol’ Europe, am in my early thirties, and I’m a complete new comer in the world of mnemonics.

I’d first discovered mnemonics and memory palaces when reading books from Yates, Carruthers and Paolo Rossi, but that was more than twelve years ago, and I’ve never tried to put these ideas in practice.

So, yeah, no experience at all with mnemonics. I’ve always tried to use my memory as much as I could though – for example, I generally don’t write much information such as addresses or phone numbers. Also, as I love books very much, I’ve learned by heart hundreds of poems and texts of different lengths, but did it without much of a technique. On the other hand, I seem to have quite a hard time remembering faces and names – which has probably at least something to do with me not paying much attention when meeting someone new.

So, here’s for the background.

Some days ago - don’t ask me why, as I have no clue myself - I thought it would be nice to see how these things work practically. So, I found a book by Dominic O’Brien, How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Week by Week, and started to read it. But before making my own PA list and commit to learn it, I thought it would be a sound idea to check a bit whether this was still a good/relevant way to go, and thus discovered this forum.

I think I will spend the last days reading more about the different systems, and then create a post detailing what I think I understood, what I propose for myself, in order to ask questions – I already have several - and get you guys’ thoughts.

As for my recent interest in mnemonics, it is twofold:

  • I’d like to do it in a sort of “mental hygiene” perspective, that is to keep my brain as fit as I can.
  • I’m interested in seeing concretely how these techniques work, out of pure curiosity.

As you see, so far at least, I don’t have a “concrete” interest in my daily life. I’d have more a sort of “mnemonics-for-the-sake-of-mnemonics” type of interest.

Concretely, I’d like to start practicing with:

  • Learning long chains of numbers
  • Learning sequences of playing cards

I think that’s it. I’ll continue reading through the forum, and I’ll post my questions in an ad hoc topic when I feel I’m ready.

Welcome, and by the way, I love your username. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum. You seem like the type of person who will enjoy learning and practicing memory techniques. You have done a lot of memorizing already. It’s also fun and since you are the funest, it fits.

I know you are reading and learning but I suggest that you start making memory palaces and journeys. You will need locations. They can be small. Don’t be perfectionist about it. Your early ones will not be as good as later ones. Building them is a skill.

There are various systems to encode numbers. I use a 1-100 list. I am not a memory competitor. It was enjoyable to make and I use it all the time, much more than I thought I would when I first created it. If you think you want to compete, you might consider learning a more advanced system early on.

Have a good day. I look forward to reading your posts.

Thank you to you both!

I think I will also try to use a 1-100 list to encode numbers. I haven’t decided yet which system to choose though, but will take my time to experiment a bit to find something that works out for me. I’ve created another topic in the general forum where I wrote down what I think I’ve understood, and asked questions and clarifications.

As for competing, well, I actually didn’t know much about memory championships before coming here, so that is clearly not my objective! I’d be curious to learn to what extent the systems used by competitors differ from the ones I may go with (that is, at most 2-digits POA, and most probably 2-digits PA - encoded with Dominic/Major/Association).
I guess I will have to find a middle-ground between a soon-to-be-obsolete, but easy-to-learn system and something too ambitious and complex for the complete beginner I am. Ideally, I’d like to use a system that could somehow “evolve” a little bit if I see I can upgrade it one day, without having to restart everything from scratch.