New Member: Introduction and a few Questions

Hi, I recently joined! My name is Jacob and have dove into the concept of mind palaces the past week or so. I was first interested in the idea a couple years ago after watching Sherlock. I’m glad I revisited the topic and hope to use memory techniques regularly. I started my journey by using my house to memorize the US presidents and where they were born. I was happy to see how well this worked and thought I could use this for Bible memorization. I have read many of the forms about this and have two questions remaining.

  1. I haven’t decided if I will use the Dominic or major system, but I want to have a PAO or PA system. I was thinking about assigning a person to each Book in the Bible, using the action for the chapter, and the object for the verse. The issue I’ve run into is when the verse concept or idea is spread over two or more verses. How do I create a mnemonic image for that?
  2. The second issue is how do I put the mnemonic images in my memory palace? I feel like it will be bulky to put the verse and the reference in the same image or story, but how to I connect the two otherwise. My palace is set up in 5 sets in each room. If I put them next to one another, won’t that connection be lost when converted to long-term memory?

Thanks, Jacob

Welcome Jacob!

  1. Hmm that is an interesting take on how to memorize it. I would use a palace to represent the Book in the Bible. Example: The Book of John would be in my house. So any verse in my house would belong to John and I would know this instantly since I am in my house palace. This way you can use your full PAO to memorize the chapter, starting verse, and ending verse.

  2. I am not sure what you mean by sets. If you are memorizing the verse word for word, you would naturally have a lot of images in one location and there really isn’t a way around this. When I memorize poems for the USA memory championship, I created images for almost all the words and punctuation because I had to recall everything perfectly. If you are using a palace, it would be nice to put everything together in one location but you could always spread it across multiple locations.

You are leaving out the most important thing when it comes to remembering long term and that is reviewing. This is the key especially when you are trying to remember something word for word and have a lot of images. You need to make sure you stay on top of reviewing or else you will forget images and start to forget the verses.

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