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Hello. I am Icosencephalic (eye-kos-en-SEH-fuh-lick). I created it from icos(a)- meaning twenty and encephalos, meaning brain, with -ic added to the end. So I am “one who is like twenty brains”. I’m just a college student at the moment, but I’ve been fascinated with memory since maybe when I was… 7? 8? 9? Can’t remember.
I never really learned about formal memory techniques, but I kind of developed some of mine from nothing. I’ve been learning the Major system and I have 100 keywords now for each pair, and a system to handle unpaired digits if I need to.
As for my memory feats, I could go on. I have memorized something like 230 digits of pi (rote memorization and chunking - this predates my knowledge of the Major system), the locations and national flags of every country (and most of their capitals, but there are a few small island ones I still get confused), every named moon of the solar system (by rote, I used a few impromptu mnemonics for the last few I was having trouble remembering), and the entire periodic table (also rote). I can even recall a few atomic weights, like hydrogen is 1.008, carbon is 12.011, uranium is 238.02891, etc. Can’t do this for every element, though. They revise the numbers every few years, so sometimes I will have an older value memorized, like gold - 196.966569 (it’s now 196.966570). There are some I blank out on, like silver. It’s 108.something.… 108.72? 42? 92? (107.8682. Just looked it up. Wow, that was bad.)
I’d like more solid techniques for memorizing things and not have such haphazard mnemonics that I just invented on the fly. I’d like practice on anything really, and to get tips from those more experienced than me.
Thanks for reading.

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile: