New member: Greetings from Italy!

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d stop in and say hello.

I’m Davide from Italy and I’m 30 years old. I am a freelance marketing consultant.

After high school I decided to study foreign languages at university. I realized very soon that it wasn’t my piece of cake. After a few years doing different jobs, I got interested in marketing and I did a few courses. Three years ago, I decided I’d turn this passion into a business and I started my freelance marketing consulting business.

It was during these last three years I developed a passion for Economics. And so, I figured I’d get my degree in Economics! That’s when I got interested in memory techniques. And they helped me tremendously with passing exams with good grades.

I dint’t think this could ever be possible; I wasn’t bad ad school, but I never really put much effort ins studying in generals, much less studying incredible long and boring subjects such as Statistics or History of Economics. On top of that, I was working as a consultant which was leaving me with just a few hours after dinner for studying.

Memory techniques allowed me to memorize a great deal of information, very fast and in the most effective way possible. This gave me more confidence in myself as a student; so much that I’d recently decided I’d go ahead and get a PhD as well - all while still working a day job.

At the moment, my biggest challenge with memorizing for exams is the sheer amount of mental images I need to create. I’m looking for a more structured, efficient approach that I can rely on for my future exams. I’d surely create a new thread asking for advice with a few details of my specific situation.

And so - I’ve found this forum while I was looking for resources to strengthen my memory skills and I was pleasantly surprised to find this great community, so passionate and willing to help students to succeed. The best thing is the overall no BS approach. I immediately felt this is the real deal. I wish I’ve found this forum before I’d spend good money on a couple of memory courses!

Happy to be here, guys - looking forward to know each one of you better.



Welcome Davide!

Great to read your introduction and cool that you took the courage to follow your passion.
I never took any memory courses, which ones did you gave a try?

You’ll find tons of information here. Keep us posted!

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Hi @KevinPhilip, thanks!

I purchased Phenomenal Memory not too long ago. Unfortunately I’ve found the system incredibly cumbersome and not very efficient — well, at least for me. I’m still working through it, but I’ve found that the combination of stories and memory palaces is what sticks. I’d love to know what other members think!

Phenomal Memory has a bit of a bad rep as far as I can see. Phenomenal memory good or bad?
From what I can glean about it from other posts here, it does seem that your feeling that it is cumbersome and inefficient is right , I’m afraid to say .
Go with what works for you and then you can always add on bits and techniques as you go along…we all do. For example I have no interest in number stuff beyond the very basic Master system for encoding dates but forum member @Erol recently posted a ‘clock’ system for remembering appointments which is interesting and I’m trying to see if I can adapt my needs to it .