New member: Gastón from Chile!

Hello everyone, I’m Gaston Osses and I’m from Chile. I have a degree in Business Engineering and am currently doing a Masters program in Finance.
The first time I heard about the memory world was two days ago when I was bored in my apartment looking for something to watch on Netflix and came across a documentary called “Memory Games”. I thought it looked interesting so, “why not watch it?”. I was completely shocked and became fascinated with this whole memory world. Half an hour later I bought the book “Moonwalking with Einstein” on my Ipad and spent all of Sunday reading it!
Finally, I watched some Youtube videos by Nelson Dellis, in which he, fortunately, recommended this forum and here I am now, excited to learn everything about memory techniques and how far my memory can go.:exploding_head:



And, yes, this is how it happens: Once we get hooked, we tend to jump in with both feet. (Sorry for the mixed metaphor… And the cliché.)

I’d encourage you to spend some time exploring what’s under the Resources tab here. Nelson Dellis’s videos are great—and Moonwalking with Einstein is a fantastic overview—but the Resources here will help you get a better grounding in the basic techniques at work, I think. And, of course, the Forum itself is absolutely packed with years of information and inspiration.

If you’re looking for more books on memory techniques, I’m a big fan of Dominic O’Brien’s How to Develop a Perfect Memory, Tony Buzan’s The Memory Book, Ed Cooke’s Remember, Remember, and, most recently, Lynne Kelly’s Memory Craft. These wouldn’t necessarily be everyone’s top picks, but they are mine. (Moonwalking would be there too, but you’ve already discovered that one.)


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I believe Nelson has recently come out with a book of his own (called Remember It!). I haven’t read it, but I’ve seen some of his talks online and watched that documentary you mentioned.

Yes, Nelson Dellis’s Remember It! came out a couple of years ago. It’s definitely worth reading if you’re interested in memory. It’s well written, although I have to admit it doesn’t stand out to me as I think back on the memory books I’ve read in the last five years.