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Hello everyone,

I am currently preparing to go back to school for my Master’s in Electrical Engineering but I am a bit apprehensive because I haven’t been in school in 15 years, in addition to experiencing a general decline in my memory. I have always been interested in improving my memory as I felt it would improve my cognitive ability ( I have also been working with Dual N-Back for working memory).

Two years ago, I tried memorizing strings of random digits. I was able to work up to 54 numbers in 4 minutes. This was a random generator app that’s no longer supported. The app produced three sets of numbers of varying length topping out at 18 digits. I used only the localized pattern within each block, avoiding extreme imagery. e.g. two identical numbers together would be a block. This system was very limiting, yet I feel that using too much imagery would be “cheating.” In the end, the most important thing seems to be reliable, precise, and fast recall so I am open to experimenting with new methods.

The information on the forum seems overwhelming. I am looking to lay a foundation that could be applied to math-electrical engineering and learning new languages. Also, has anyone applied these techniques to day-trading?

I look forward to your input and being part of a nurturing community.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a how to learn memory techniques page.

There are a few discussions here that you might be interested in joining:

There is a language section here:

Also try searching the forum for the keyword “math”:

To practice memorizing words, check out Memory League and the memory training tools page.

I am a stock trade and have been trading for over ten years now! I trade in both in the local market(my country’s exchange) and forex,too! I am a pure Technical Analyst and a programmer trader. I don’t trade on Fundamental stuffs…

I do apply ‘mnemonic’ techniques to my trading…I apply them in the following areas/ways:

  1. To memorize chart patterns
  2. To memorize trading rules
  3. To remember important trading decisions of mine(like in journal)

Trading,I believe,is all about ‘pattern recognition’ and executions of the right rules at the right time. I think,if we can remember the most profitable patterns and trade it at the right time,we will be a profitable trader…And Mnemonics help in this regard! Well,at least,I have clearer idea about what I am gonna do,as I know the chart patterns I am willing to trade! I can therefore be more focused and disciplined in my trading!

However,I have been applying Mnemonic in my trading for a year or so…


Many thank for all of your support, but I’m eager to find out any idea how to memorize any pattern for stock trading, how I could change this pattern to a PA and put it to the loci of a memory palace. It would be a great help if it’s possible to share your idea in this regard.

I use “alphabet peg” to memorize a pattern on a chart…and then,put the chart in the loci of a memory palace…

I am thinking of writing a note on this. It is an interesting technique!

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Mant thanks my friend, I’m waiting for your note on this topic to have clear view of what I need to do.


See here>>> How to memorize flow charts and graphs for economics

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@elitely Many thanks.

Josh. Thanks for your suggestions and making this process of starting easier. It’ll help in making this practice long term.


Elitely. Thanks for your encouraging words and suggestion. It’s given me starting point from which to design a study program geared toward trading. I too focus on Technical Analysis (just starting, a whole three months now in a simulator, first live day will be Sept 1). It’s great knowing this kind of effort has worked for someone.
The market seems wildly erratic the last few months. Do you think the charts in a book like The Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns by Bulkowski will still be relevant ( I would like to memorize all the charts there for a long term project)


I,to be honest,don’t find “Bulkowski” chart patterns or Steve Nison’s/Japanese Candlestick patterns to be very effective in making profit in the stock market(of Forex).

There was a time in my trading career when I was kind of obsessed with all these patterns! Years ago, I even used automated “scanner” to find out the patterns in my trading softwares. But over time,I found that they are not as profitable as is advertised!

I try to keep things simple in trading(Occam’s razor!) now…In my opinion,It is great and helpful to know about ‘chart patterns’(of all types…candlestick,classic head and shoulder pattern,etc). But expecting that the patterns will give us profit may not be true…