New Member: Gab, Colombia

Howdy, I’m a 19 year old high school student from Colombia, I’m going to college this fall to study Computer Science in California. College has me super nervous(I feel a bit like an imposter), I’m hoping that ill be a little less nervous with mnemonics.

I read moonwalking with Einstein (like everyone) and I got super exited about improving my memory. Since then I’ve been aimlessly wandering the internet, looking for ways to learn mnemonics. At this point I know the basics to numbers and poetry, but I’m having trouble finding techniques tailored to studying CS.

Sorry if my English is not the best and thank you for reading.


@Geb, this is a great place to pick up techniques for memorizing hard facts and numbers. I’m glad you found the forum. And there’s many computer professionals here I think.

But after teaching computer science for about 20 years, and before that teaching applications in California at the college level, the key skill that advanced my knowledge and my students is critical thinking with lots of questioning about why things are done the way they are. I could always find information via the tools I used but I didn’t always understand it. My best students were the most inquisitive.

If you need to know a list of sorting algorithms for a test or another set of information, there’s lots of help here. Good luck to you!


Bienvenido—qué chévere que vayas a estudiar la sistema también!

As Douglas said above, the most important thing in studying most topics, including computer science, is to think about the subject and understand it. This is much more important than memorizing pieces of information. When you understand why things are as they are, you don’t need to remember them anymore, because they become obvious.

When you go to college, everyone feels like an imposter in some way, because they are in a new place, with new people (hopefully, covid-permitting!) and studying new material (even if they are advanced). So if you continue with a curious and positive attitude, you’ll be fine—good luck!


Hey there, by the way your English is very good. The more you train with mnemonics, the more creative you will get. I am not familiar with Computer science, but I am guessing memorizing numbers will help. I also recommend training words as this will make your brain create new images each match.

Good luck on your memory journey and college.


I’m a retired software engineer. If you have a passion for Computer Science, if you love computer programming, you will do very well. Your passion will carry you. I never needed any sort of memory techniques, nor can I imagine what would have helped me as far as memory techniques. Algorithms and data structures will be the essence of what you study, and they require creative problem solving as well as abstract thinking. All the best to you! CS is an incredibly rewarding career and we need many more people to enter the field. There is a real shortage of quality software engineers.