New member. Future memory champion(or not)

Hello guys. Honestly, it seems to me that it’s pretty silly to write this post just now. But I did not know that in the world of memory sport there is such a strange tradition of writing posts that you are a new member of the community. Well, then I thought it’s even more stupid when people read and respond to messages from a person whose identity they have no idea xD Briefly about me. I was born on September 24, 2001 in Ukraine in the suburbs of the big city of Kharkov. Since childhood, I was an introverted child, but really enjoyed reading books. Soon I wondered how I could memorize more facts from them. In the beginning, it all came down to simply drawing logical links between information and associations to what was already studied. But a year ago, I read about Dominic O’Brien and his record on May 1, 2002, when he memorized the sequence with 2808 playing cards. I wanted to repeat this record at all costs. And then I found out that he wrote a lot of books. First, I read his book, “How to Develop a Perfect Memory,” then I began to study the topic even more deeply and in a month I read books from virtually all famous authors. Then I started training. Now I use these techniques in learning and in my free time I training in memory sport. I dream of becoming a cognitive neuroscientist. I also well-versed in martial arts, in particular taekwondo and kickboxing. Always happy to communicate with people who will help me in intellectual growth.


Welcome to the forum. You will find all kind of help here, there are a lot of experienced people in this forum. Just ask if you need any help.

Just train hard and be consistent and you will soon become the Future memory champion (for sure).

My best wishes are with you. :smile::smile:


Thank you very much) I will be sincerely glad to be a member of the same forum with you x)

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