New Member: fulvius, Italy

I’m Fulvio! Currently I’m living in Pisa as a robotics engineering student.

I came to memory techniques by the book Moonwalking with Einstein and have been incredibly fascinated by the potential of what actually our brain is capable (if used properly)! As student, I always struggled to learn math formulas and long demonstrations and, therefore, one of my main goals is using memory techniques, e.g., memory palace, to learn formulas.

Then, I would like to focus on how to apply these methods for learning languages. I wonder if different methods exist for different languages or not. So far, in addition to my native language, I can speak english, german, and spanish.

If someone has specific tips for my two cases, I would be very thankful!

I really hope that this is going to be a marvelous adventure in the world of the Art of Memory.

Best regards,



Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Have you seen the getting started guide yet?

Welcome @fulvius. You definitely came to the correct place. Everyone here will help you become better with your memory any way they can. But you’ll also find your own way. Glad you’re here.

Thanks @Josh! Just now. I’ll start definitively with the free ebook!

Thanks to you too, @Kemsimba!