New member, from Portugal! Tips welcomed !

Hey guys! :raised_hands:

As most of the new members, I saw the Netflix documentary about the Memory Games and have been trying to join the sport for months now!
I have looked through the resources on this amazing site but wanted to get your opinions on how to learn a bit more.

Basically from what I have been searching from the past days, I have decided to explore the Dominic System a bit and was thinking about getting the book “You Can Have An Amazing Memory”. Do you think it would be a good starting point? How can I move afterwards?

Thanks :smiley:


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

That’s a good book. There’s also a post with some other memory books. There’s a free ebook here on the site on the how to learn memory techniques page.

For training, check out Memory League and the memory training tools page. Also memorysportstv on Twitch.


Domnic-systemet är bra om du har lätt att hitta människor. Jag har svårt att göra det så jag använde ett athotersystem för nummer. Jag använde det stora systemet. Information om större system här