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Hey Everyone. Name’s Joel, from Australia. I’ve got two young daughters (11 & 8) and am looking to get them started with these techniques at an early age. I’ve read the intro ebook which outlines several of the techniques. Is there a step-by step course/system you’d recommend, complete with training exercises etc to get us going on our journey? I had the “Kevin Trudeau” - mega memory thing, years ago, but I’m guessing there are better systems out there now.

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With my kids and then grandkids I started with 1. Gun, 2. Shoe, 3. Tree, 4. Door, 5. Hive, 6. Sick, 7. Heaven, 8. Gate, 9. Wine, 10. Hen
We’d try and remember Mom’s grocery list, or their list of chores, etc.
A couple of them used these types of techniques through High School. Sadly, none of my children, now all adults in their 30’s and early 40’s, have any interest in these techniques.
But they were exposed and the choice to continue was theirs.
The grandkids range in age from 20 years down to 7 months. They seem less interested than their parents did.

I wish you more success!!


I also use this type of technique that is Pronunciation system.
And I think if you practiced it , then you can easily memorize your daily grocery list or numbers in memory league.

And also chinese memory champion Wang Feng use similar to this technique.(sometimes he see
both shape and Pronunciation).

I use also .
Example -: 64 - Chess (in Hindi 64 pronounced as chousat ) and I can easily see the 64 pieces in chess.
(Pronunciation + Assume also)

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