New member, Franklin, 25, United States. looking for memorization and comprehension techniques!

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i’m interested in memory techniques because I want to be able to know the correct and best methods of memorization, and I want to be able to comprehend what I am memorizing as well. I want to be able to organize my mind and recall things quickly and easily, and to understand how I can become interested in things that I do not necessarily find interesting, because I know that your interest in something can affect how your brain takes it in. I’ve heard that you need to ‘become the process’ a few times, but what does this mean? Can you increase visualization to a point as to what you are visualizing looks lucid, as if you are looking at it and not imagining it? I’m sorry for all the immediate questions but I know that most here are very experienced at memorization and would like some advice on how and where to start. Thank you!

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

I think that visualization ability can be improved, but it’s different for everyone. (I don’t picture things as if they are real, but my visualization ability is better than it was years ago.)

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can download our free ebooklet on memory techniques.

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This post immediately caught my attention because Benjamin FRANKLIN, is the number 25 in my system :smiley:

You can definitely improve your visualization with training. When I started (around spring 2017) it was really hard for me to visualize things in a way that was useful for memory. With training (especially by memorizing random words) I got better at it and visualization became much easier.

You shouldn’t expect everything you visualize to be very clear though. Don’t be perfectionistic about it. Just go with what comes to mind. I started off by training to visualize things for 15 minutes a day. When I first used memory techniques for an exam, I wasn’t very good at visualizing things, but it worked out very well nevertheless, so I kept practicing. I mostly use memory techniques to memorize laws/jurisdiction since I work and study in that area.

Do you have a specific subject you want to memorize?