New member Eugene, Scotland

Thanks hanks for accepting my application to join.

I think I’ve always had a terrible memory, and have been known to have ten minute (or longer) conversations with people I encounter while experiencing a growing sense of anxiety as it becomes clear that they know me pretty well - but I haven’t a clue who they are - it’s a lifelong thing and not age related.

Currently, at 63 and retired, I find I’m getting too many “tip of the tongue” incidents e.g. I can never recall Nicholas Cage’s name, and find myself traipsing through the alphabet fruitlessly seeking a clue. However, after ten minutes study I am able to recall the places in the example memory palace without difficulty - so I want to learn more.

I look forward to learning about other people’s experiences too. Oh, and I’m keen to learn Greek, and I noticed that a memory technique can help with language learning.


Hi Eugene Kelly,
You’ll probably find all your answers in this forum.

When you memorise a piece of data, you’d have to imagine that as a tangible image. It’s the same with names. You can see the face but you can’t see a name. So you’d have to convert the name into an image. For example; you could imagine Nicholas Cage as a person that’s in a Cage, as with his first name Nicholas, perhaps you can imagine him being Nicked by a copper and put in a Cage. Seeing that single image of him being in a cage would most of the time trigger to recall his name. There are other methods of memorising and recalling names, but the basic system is to always see it as an image, either static or animated.

Hope you enjoy the forum.