New Member: Eskimo396, Dallas TX

This is my first post. I’m currently a senior in college and working part time. For the past several years I’ve been crazily fascinated by learning languages and as such, have become very interested in memory techniques. I am constantly wowed by the effectiveness of memory tricks and I’m always eager to learn more.

My most successful memory feat so far has been memorizing 70 digits within 2 minutes. It’s not super exceptional but it’s pretty good for me so far.

My biggest challenge in learning is finding the time to dedicate to it. However, I do have a major career changing exam coming up within the next couple months so I’m trying to practice every chance I get.

I joined this website in the hopes that I can finally have others to talk to about memory techniques and training.

Thanks for reading!


Welcome Eskimo!

Don’t say 70 digits isn’t exceptional, it is a memory feat a lot of people would like to achieve and never will. You will progress in time so just practice what you can.