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Hello, everyone! ¡Hola a todos!

I’m Eduardo, a 26 year-old guy from the Canary Islands, Spain.

I became interested in the field of mnemonics after watching some clips of a Spanish mnemonist called Ramón Campayo. Then I read one of his books, Develop a prodigious mind, where I knew about the Major System and the linking method. Later, I discovered Jim Kwik’s podcast and this brought me to a renewed interest on mnemonics, so I took a look at some books on mnemonics I had downloaded a while ago and I found Moonwalking with Einstein and I (as many others, it seems) fell in love with it. Then I discovered Metivier’s podcast, Nelson Dellis’ and Ron White’s YouTube channels and… I decided to come here, but I’m not looking forward to becoming a mental athlete and competing on championships.

I have always loved learning and, now that my labour life requires long hours everyday, I have found myself with little time to study, so I thought I had to improve my memory and study method somehow. I’m a real estate agent and a writer, and lately I’ve been making some collaborations in a regional radio station, so I’ve been working for a while on improving my reading (I have tripled my rhythm, but I continue practicing and training) and this month I decided to finally engage on mnemonics for real and it’s so funny, not only useful!

My main interests are language learning (I’m currently studying my sixth and seventh languages, German and Swedish, quite common here), history and economics, so I try to save some time every day to study that. I’d like to study a MA on Applied economics (December 2021 - September 2022) while I keep working and studying, at least those languages. Later, I’d like to take a public exam to become a diplomat (2026 is the year I have in mind, but who knows what will happen in between. Maybe I’ll change my path, but that’s another topic…).

Whatever. I’ve been reading a lot of posts and this is mine, both of incredibly useful and interesting information, and of cool people! Cheers from this sunny island!


Welcome aboard. Sounds like youre off to a great start with Metivier, Nelson and Ron White, they have some amazing content.

Learning memory techniques will help you maximize the little time you have.

Happy memorizing.

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Whant a challenge? Try to memorize scripts.

And please, forget about el albaceteño.