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Greetings everyone !

I first encountered the method of loci watching the episodes of Sherlock Holmes and then again with Hannibal Lecter.
I wanted to learn more, evidently, so I began a search.
I went through articles, videos and books, searching for questions that came to mind.

And once I was finally ready, I started.
Let me not get into the detail of that but for those who would like, these are some of the books that helped me get started :

β€” Memory Craft, by Lynne Kelly ;
β€” Moonwalking with Einstein, by Joshua Foer ;
β€” The Memory Palace Learn Anything And Everything, by Lewis Smile ;
β€” Remember, Remember by Ed Cooke.

I would like to get into the detail of my goal, but it will be long and I would prefer to keep it into the shadows, for now.

I did have a question however, how would one attempt to memorise long phrases heard only aloud?

I thank you for your time and I hope a good day awaits you!


You’d need a memory palace ready or invent one on the spot. And by memory palace, I mean and visual construct that you can pin point to: a place in your mind, simple is better. Focus, and train your attention. Learn to create mnemonic images for phrases that may not have anything to do with the words in the phrase. That is, go beyond connotational images. And finally train your memorization of written text, then train the memorization of a series of thoughts that you come up about something: maybe philosophy or scientific descriptions of things. It’s possible. And there are more people here that could help with the memorization of heard words, but from my deductions I don’t see another way beyond taking what you heard and transform it into images.

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All right, thank you for your answer!

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