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I have long been interested in techniques to improve memory. I have been telling my mother (who claims that improving memory is not a skill) for very long that she could improve her memory with some work.

Anyway, i have yet to actually try it for myself. I have never been someone with a bad memory, but decades ago i was able to memorize 7 digit phone numbers very easily, now i have trouble remembering confirmation codes which are usually no more than 6 digits.

The real reason why I’m here is because i have a daughter that is almost 3 years old, and a new son that is less than 3 weeks old. My daughter has an amazing memory, likely due in part because she has no devices, and watches less than 2 hours of cartoons per week.

My ultimate goal is to learn these techniques, the memory palace, and teach my children these techniques. I stumbled upon the following post after a quick Google search and was so glad that they wrote about their experience.

Super cool, and i am wondering where the little girl is now in relation to memory olympics.

So yeah, my goal is to teach myself, and then teach my kids.

Thank you everyone for this great community!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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