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Recently I became interested in memory techniques. The research of Mind Palace, and the challenges I’ve faced with it, eventually brought me here.

When I was younger, memorization in certain areas was rather easy. I could remember numbers without really trying, which as an engineering student was pretty handy. Phone numbers, physics constants, etc. For other classes I could study and recall most everything (or at least long enough to take the test… a month later much of it was gone.)

I was never good at remembering names. I’ve also never been good at visualizations. In working on the Mind Palace I realized it relies on my two biggest weaknesses - visualizing the names of things. I can establish a route, but connecting things to places in those routes is not clear. "I know something is supposed to be on the kitchen counter, but… " Conjuring up images that are memorable makes sense, but they just don’t stick.

Knowing how effective this technique is I’ve tried to make it work. However I’m wondering if maybe there’s a better system for me… the left-brained person who struggles with visualizations. A system that is more numbers based. Or maybe a link to the Mind Palace using numbers in place of images.

Research has brought up several other types of systems, but most are designed to remember numbers. Before I try to reverse engineer or synthesize different approaches (possibly resulting in something less useful) I wanted to ask and see if anyone has approached this from a left/right brain question.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Have you looked into peg list systems?

Also check out mnemotechnic words and this longer list of memory techniques. There is a free ebook that provides a quick overview of the common ones.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you might also be interested in the posts about #aphantasia and #visualization.

Thanks @Josh :slightly_smiling_face:

I have not looked into those systems and will check them out.

Also, I had not heard of aphantasia. While I’m visually challenged, it sounds like people with that condition have their internal TVs completely turned off. However that sounds like a great area to look for people in similar situations.

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