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Good day! I discovered your forum after reading topics about memory palaces. I am middle aged, started memory techniques since 25 years ago using the link method. I used that only for trivial purposes because I can’t seem to get the info automatically as in rote memorization. Is the PAO system more effective? And how do you use the memory palace without repeating the same objects? Thank you!

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

What kind of information are you trying to memorize in the memory palace?

A PAO system is usually used for memorizing numbers in combination with the method of loci.

Here are a few related pages:

At my age I only phone numbers, to do lists (immediate, can wait and long term), and remembering faces and names.

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For phone numbers you could choose any number memorization system. The Major System or Dominic System only require 100 images (instead of the 300 needed for PAO).

Are you experiencing repeated images when placing the images? Or do you mean that you’re using one memory palace for multiple memorization tasks?

Yes objects that are commonly used like door or mug etc seems to interfere with my recall using link system. When I was younger and still studying, using memory methods seemed to slow down my pace so I resorted to rote memorization. Nowadays with all the information overload, especially for students, is the system still practical?

It’s still practical. If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a free PDF ebook that contains an overview of various memory techniques.

Thank you very much! Nice to be in your forum. Will try to use the new techniques. I will post if I get roadblocks. Be seeing you!

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