New Member: Daniel V., Slovakia

About myrself

Hi, I live with my family in the centre of Slovakia and like different sports, preferring outdoor, taking cold baths. We all with our children also love gardening, we have hens for chickens, and even two sheeps with our neighbor.

My journey to memory techniques? What I tried, what worked, what didn’t?

Peg lists
In about 1994 I read a book about improving the memory written by W. Zielke. Unfortunately, I implemented in my life only a little from it. Occasionally, I used his peg list for numbers 1 - 25. And only in two cases: First, for counting the turns in the pool during swimming, to know when I get the desired distance (e.g. 1500m) :grinning: The second, and really very rarely, for a shopping list.

Faces and names
2021. After accidentally seeing some videos on YouTube about unbelievable skills in memorizing names and faces (by R. White) I could not stop searching more and more similar ones from others. As my memory has always been under average in faces and names, and even worse in dates and numbers, I was very happy to find out that it all can be improved, easily and quite fast.
So I continued browsing, and read 2 more books (by E. Dodonovova and D.O Brian). And I registered here at AoM and I learned a lot from wiki here and the intro free book and videos.
2021 Feb. Reading a post in forum here, I realized that the train software / Names is with the options for different languages. So I immediately started using the Slovak option. Awesome tool! Particularly when the first priority in improving my memory are names.

After learning the story / linking method I also started to train Images. After a month I tried using new learned loci method. However, when I learnt from a video by Yanyaa that she uses something like pegs, I switched to my old peg list and improved a lot.

And after learning the loci method, I started to train also Words, with one word per loci. Now I try 2 words.

Current best memory feat?

Images (22 of 30 in 1 min)
Names (12 of 30 in 1 min)
Words (12 of 18 in 1 min)

Currently biggest challenge?

Now, when I learn the magic behind, it is only my time management and free time. I would love to train daily, even hours, and then to compete. Maybe someday. Nowadays, I play on average only 1 - 3 one-minute plays a day and reading / listening Moonwalking with Einstein.

Big goal to achieve?

Numbers and dates - to improve in them too, definitely.
In (telephone, ID, or any…) numbers I have always been very bad, as in remembering the names. And in dates even worse. And I desperately want to improve this, ID, PINs, street numbers, telephones, etc. Learning the first 31 digits of PI number, with a story method from a book in about 10-20 min convinced me how much I can improve when I, once, would create some much advanced system.
However, I do not know to decide what Image Placement System to choose. As for the Image Generation System, it depends on the Placement, I think. For now I am thinking about using my old peg list for 01 - 25, and for the remaining 74 numbers to choose associations where possible. The rest I could fill with images based on number shapes (and this I do not like at all), and with some of my very close friends and relatives (to have there also some persons allowing me to imagine more easily the dynamic ones). And the rest with images based on the Major system (I like it more, compared with Dominic).
However, in case I finally choose PA system or PAO system, I think I had better start generating the persons for my images.
Will ask in the forum soon, after finishing going through the existing posts.

Why Art of Memory member?

I love the friendly sharing community here. It would be great to become one of you and be inspired by you. Great wiki, forum, and train software.
Thank you all so much!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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