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Hi Everybody,
My name is Daniel, I live in the GTA in Ontario Canada, and I’m natural from São Paulo Brazil. I am completely new to Memory Techniques. I crossed it by chance on a YouTube video about improving memory, something most people dream and phantasize about, and he explained about the Memory Palace. I was caught. Why they don’t teach it at school!!!
I started reading myself, took the dust from “The Memory Book” from Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas I had for 10 years and could never understand, started reading “Moonwalking With Einstein” from Joshua Foer and found an edition of “Remember Remember” from Ed Cooke I’m still trying to decider.
I am a physician and have to deal with thousands of new information every day, from scientific publications that are very detailed and technical and from people I meet and would like to retain some information, at least the name. I’ve being trying to apply the techniques I’m reading about, but it is not being so easy. The volume of information is so big, even creating images, it’s being difficult to retain and recall them. No start is easy, but I hope I can overcome this initial barriers and make these techniques part of my normal functioning. Otherwise, how can I ever remember the HR for a given drug in a given clinical trial is 0.55, with PFS of 8.07 months and an OS of 16 months, having hundreds of these trials and their cross-comparisons, each trial with a name, an author, an institution, and thousands of other details.
I’m happy I’ve found the Forum. Alone I was not going far, together we can get there.
All suggestions are more than welcome. New books, tips, readings, and definitely links in the forum.
Nice to meet you all.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen them yet, the free ebook has tips on getting started along with links on where to read more, and the #faqs list has a page about memory books.

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You know the world champion of memory is a medical student?


Thank you, Josh. I’ll do it. I’m finding great ideas in the forum already.

Alex Mullen, right? I’m watching some of his videos at YouTube. Thank you!

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Yes, Alex is a med student.
He seemed to have taken an interest in memory techniques for similar reasons as you have.

I think (and so does Alex) that the competitive or sport aspect to memory improvement matters. So you may want to look into this.

The 2019 Canadian Memory Championship will take place in Toronto Sept. 1 and you may want to challenge yourself to do well at this event to start things off. :slight_smile:

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Great idea, Simon, thank you. But I wouldn’t dare, not without time and lots of training, and now I don’t seem to have neither. Do you have experience with competitions? Is it possible to be a self learner to that level, or most often people have a coach for that?
Thank you for your very nice comments.

Yes, I do have experience with competitions. I think most world memory champions are self-learners. Alex Mullen certainly is one of them. I think he developed his skill simply by participating in this forum, by challenging himself to participate in the US Memory Championship, by using and a variety of ideas from different people on this forum, and by using his own insights and to construct his own memory system.

I think top memory athletes have to be good at time management. If you improve your skill at managing your time, I think you are likely going to improve your memory as well faster.

I think you have to care to improve quickly at this and set high goals. I don’t know of any top memory champion who would disagree with this.

Thanks for your nice comments as well.


I’ll look for the tournament in Toronto :slight_smile:
Thank you for the push, I couldn’t Agee more about setting objectives, the importance of high ones and time management.