New member - Damork, Poland

Hi, i want to introduce myself beacuse i think i will be here in most of my free time, Im 16 years old, student from Poland.

About 4 months ago first time i heard of mnemotechniques from youtube channel WIRED, when he was memorising 100 digits of pi in one day, so after that i was very curious how far can i go, so i tried the same technique as WIRED, as i remember i memorised it in like 2 days(i know its not much but it was a big achievement for me)

Then i was very motivated to continue my work so i started to learn major system with 100 images for 100 numbers, but later i got to know PAO system, so i abandoned major system (beacuse i think PAO is better) and started creating my PAO list, and basically now im here ready to test my new PAO system based on mostly phonetic alphabet from major system.

Im really glad that i found this site, so i can improve my memory power.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Forums!

Happy memorising

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Thanks !