New member dablu from India

Dablu tanti India I am a student l want to enhance my memory for better results in my life.

Hi there. Which city are you in? What techniques do you already know? I need to understand your level before I can make some suggestions. I am a memory trainer based in Bangalore.

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a how to learn memory techniques page.

I am ankur from india,i want to clear the toughest exam in india,viz. UPSE CSE,
Is there anyone who can tell ,will it be possible to clear that exam using memory techniques

I don’t see anything on the syllabus that would suggest otherwise:

Hi Ankur. The CS exams have a lot of logical reasoning questions. Having a good memory will not teach you to think and solve logic/math related questions. It’s good for questions with static data such as dates, formula, etc.

am actually good at solving logic and reasoning questions but not in reminding historic dates.
In that exam who remember more wins.
As above mentioned link shows the syllabus.
Let’s talk about them.
First is language,which i will choose English and which is not a big problem
Secondly like if we talk about indian history,culture and Heritage then it’s world geography and society (here i wants to know that will it be possible to apply memory techniques and to clear that exam.)
If I tell in other words then there we have to remember a lot about that whole syllabus,which is most important thing,and if we remember more and apply our reasoning and logical sense then this combination will help in clear that exam,and i am saying that because here people face problem in remembering that vast syllabus.
And according to exam criteria first we have to clear mains which will be MCQs and only need to be remember the syllabus and we have cleared that first level of exam then we are ahead of 10lakh aspirants and will be in those 10k aspirants those who are selected for next level which is mains exam.

you need to take a 6 month break to master memory Technique to that point in my opinion.
Was finally able to use it nicely in my medical course after like 4 month.

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IMHO, Anki (free) is the best tool for remembering random, unrelated facts such as history dates. Anki is based on “flash cards”.

For example :

Battle of Bannockburn: 1314

You can ask Anki to generate a “reverse card” as well. In our example, Anki would automatically generate:

1314: Battle of Bannockburn

I have 10,000 cards in French. I only created 5,000 of these. The remaining 5,000 cards came from the Reverse feature.

The advantage of Anki is that you spend more time on DIFFICULT cards, and less time (or no time) on easier cards. So, in my 10,000-card French deck, I only need to study about 50 cards a day when each card becomes “due”. Easy.

So, if you are struggling against a tight deadline, I would go for Anki. Coming close to exam time, Anki allows you to change from “Normal mode” (which is what I use) to “Cramming mode”. That means that cards are thown at you more frequently than in Normal mode.

Important: Anki will not help you with anything for which the answer would be a LIST (for example, a shopping list). From what I read on this forum, palaces are best for lists. (I’m an engineer, so I don’t use lists. Too dangerous, because they might become out-of-date for safety-critical info.)

Note what @spark says:

Anki is best for concepts and logical reasoning, because it arms you with the random, unrelated scraps of info that you need to combine to solve difficult problems.

There’s a great bunch of guys on this forum and on Reddit that will help you with teething problems.

I hope the Indian guys on this forum do well with these exams.


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@OldGrantonian thanks brother,
However I didn’t understand how to use it but no worry i will Google about it.
I will be thankful if you could provide me the best link of site to learn that trick.thanks

Yes you are right

There’s are manuals for both version 2.0 and 2.1, but I wouldn’t advise you to read them at the moment. They are so dense that you would spend your six months reading them :grinning:

Instead, here’s a good “Getting Started” guide. Note that the author advises you to download version 2.0, rather than the upgraded 2.1. That’s because there are more “add-ons” for 2.0. An add-on is simply a deck of cards that some kind user has uploaded for use by other people. In fact, one way to learn Anki is by downloading a fairly small, simple deck. Then run it to see how things work. You can then keep it or delete it.

If you have any more questions - just ask here.


Alright brother, thanks let me give a try to that link and i tell if it works or not