New Member: Colt, Sweden (and help finishing my Dominic system!)


I’m Colt, from a small town in Sweden.

I found out about memory techniques after Jonas Von Essen participated in Sweden’s got Talent.

I’ve previously used mnemonics to memorise about 2500 Japanese characters, but for some reason I stopped using them once I started learning vocabulary. I’ve never used loci though.

Foreign language vocabulary learning is the main reason I’m here. I love languages, and I pick up grammar quite fast. But vocabulary just don’t seem to stick.

I’ve tried goldlisting, SRS (Anki), Memrise, Quizlet, AJATT/MIA (immersion), and the list goes on.

After successfully following some of Jonas Von Essens tutorials in memorising things, I became convinced that this would be something that would work for me.

I’m currently working on setting up my Dominic system for the numbers 00-99, and I have a couple of slots that I haven’t managed to fill. If you’d like to help, I could use some of your creativity!

I have names for some numbers, but no objects or actions. It’s totally okay to suggest totally other people than the one’s I’ve used! As long as I get my slots filled. :slight_smile:

Number - Initials - Name - Object - Action

05 - O.E - X - X - X
09 - O.N - Olivia Newton-John - X - X
17 - A.G - Ariana Grande - X - X
35 - C.E - Clint Eastwood - X - X
46 - D.S - X - X - X
61 - S.A - X - X - X
65 - S.E - X - X - X
66 - S.S - X - X - X
67 - S.G - X - X - X
75 - G.E - Giancarlo Esposito - X - X (The name of the actor that plays the owner of the chicken place in breaking bad)
78 - G.H - George Harrison - X - X
82 - H.B - X - X - X
89 - H.N - Heather Nauert - X - X (American broadcast journalist)
90 - N.O - Nick Offerman - X - X
92 - N.B - Napoleon Bonaparte - X - X
93 - N.C - Nicholas Cage - X - X
96 - N.S - Nicole Scherzinger - X - X
97 - N.G - Neil Graimen - X - X
99 - N.H - X - X -X


66 Stellan Skarsgard (Who is, I think, the only actor in Sweden :stuck_out_tongue: judging by how often he is in German programmes as the token Nordic!)
ps Welcome.

99 Nina Hagen, although NENA would be a better fit perhaps. 99 Luftballons auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont

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I feel that you are caught in the trap known in economic theory as the “sunk cost fallacy”; because you have invested in this method (cost are made so to speak), you wish to finish the project.

I imagine that you know more than 100 people that would be very useful in your memory system, but most of them simply have the wrong names (first letter, to be more precise). If you finish this project (with help of forum members) you will end up with people you barely know, or that are to simular in appearance.

start over completely

I’m going to suggest to you a “better” name/object/action method. But first I want you to ask yourself the most important question a memoriser could ask oneself: “can you read the numbers as letters in the way your system determines without any effort?” If the answer is no, than I strongly suggest, that you choose your own number to letter method based on shape simularities (for example 5 looks like s, 7 looks like T (to me anyway).

Regardless of the number to letter method you have chosen after the question from above, I’m going to suggest to you to make the most simple words that you can make with the 2 letters any 2 digit number gives you and than associate an object with that word. So for example number 57 = st (based on my visual simularity opinion) and may be “set”, as in “game, set, match” a phrase used in tennis, so the object is a tennisracket.

Now you can associate each object with a famous person; choose your 100 persons first (make sure to get lots of variety in appearance) and than decide who will be paired up with what object.

And finally you choose your actions. If an action is appropriate for a person, all for the better, but do not restrict yourself to much; Olivia Newton John doing a roundhouse kick will work really well, even though it’s not “appropriate”.

Best of luck

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Those two are great, thanks!

Welcome, great to hear you’ve taken this route. I don’t use the Dominic system but it has certain similarities to my own: A-I for 1-9 and N for 0(nothing). I also have 9 null characters for X1 or 1X (a one with no other digit so I can encode and five digit numbers in the same way as six digit numbers) HB for me is Humphrey Bogart… Good luck kind regards from Scotland…

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Thanks for the input, Erik! The rest of my list contains people that are highly relevant to me, but I’m really struggling with this last bunch of numbers. Changing the numbers to the initials works well for me.
I’ll take your advice for coming up with the last batch of people, or possibly redo the whole thing.

Just to see if I understood you correctly, you go: numbers -> two letters -> a noun that sounds like those two letters -> a person (from an already written list?) -> an action that person can perform with that object?

You don’t have a lot left ! way to go!! you got Great tips in the other posts.

You could also pick some people you love around you or some cartoon, or some animals… Picking an object or an action instead and from there, link it to a person, has also worked for me.

Looking at the numbers to see if any of them remind you of anybody or anything, then look at the letters to see if any of those remind you of anybody or anything. Even if it’s just one of the letters that remind you of someone or something, just pick it and try it out while randomly testing out numbers right after.

Since you don’t have that many left, an ‘anything goes’ approach is sometimes a good way to go, as is a simple Trial and error effort through practice.

P.S for my 46 I actually use the very colorful dr. Seuss’ Cat in the hat or the Grinch, yes whichever one I use, its 46 .

My 05 is the 5th girl I fell in love with, actually my first girlfriend. And I even used her house to place my 50 to 59 people.

My 67 is Serge Gainsbourg and 66 Steven Segal 82 Halle Berry 99 couldn’t find anything so you know what I did? HN = HEN = a chicken = KFC guy Colonel Sanders … I ate a lot of that when I was a kid… But see how you can make associations to an image that works for you ?

P.s welcome!

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Colt, you probably know this already but
can be very helpful for such things.

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The noun that sounds like the 2 letters will be associated with the object first (like 57 = st -> set -> tennisracket), the person that you associate secondly to this number will be from a list of the 100 best persons (memory wise) you can come up with and than thirdly the action.

The main point of my proposal is not to restrict yourself with regards to person selection by first initials of those persons.

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Giancarlo Esposito also played the role of the son of the supervisor in chard on “Homocide: Life On the Streets”. Aka “Little G” since his father was almost always called just “G”.

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