New Member : Céline, Belgium

Hi everyone ! :grinning:

My name is Céline, I’m 25 and I’m from Belgium. I’m a vet, graduated since last july.

I discovered the first tools of arts of memory on the blog of a french guy talking about memory technics and making tutorial videos 2 years ago. I used a few techniques for my studies and for my life (I stopped using shopping list since then…).

When I finished my studies, I had more time for myself and I bought my 1st book (of the same french guy that I talked before) about memory and I got more into it. I decided to use more, to practice more… Actually reading another book, I found out this website and thats great cause I’ve been looking for a community.

I want to use the Arts of memory to be better in my job, to learn faster (cause I’m always hungry to learn…) and to have more general knowledge (and get rich on tv games of course !)

I am very happy to be here and I hope that a way new life is waiting for me, that I can share with you.


Bienvenue Céline!

Ici tu trouveras toutes les techniques dont tu as besoin!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the website

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welcome to art of memory forum hope you have a good time

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Thanks all of you !

Merci beaucoup ! J’en doute pas une seconde :grinning: