New member: CARS, Australia

  • Tell us about yourself: who are you, what do you do, where are you from?

I’m in high school with no job sadly. I like skink lizards :slight_smile: just got 5 baby ones.

  • How did you find about memory techniques? What did you like about them most?

I’m taking subjects I personally find hard -physics, chemistry, maths, etc.
where if I forget one concept it makes my whole foundation rocky-
and I hate revising by just reading through textbooks again and again.
Memory techniques seem hard to get into but way more fun and time-saving.
that memory techniques existed about two years ago but I’d never used online forums before, even Reddit. so back then I was scared off and too busy to learn. (still busy now but the pressures of year 11 gave me the courage to not be a lurker!)

…also I’d like to learn some cool tricks to flex on my friends they are all so smart. my 8-year-old neighbor beat me at reciting the periodic table yesterday! :cold_sweat:
:mechanical_arm: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • What is your current best memory feat?

ermm nothing really right now, but I downloaded ANKI recently and I’m slowly starting to get the hang of how to use it!

  • What’s currently your biggest challenge when it comes to getting the memory you want?

I’m a big procrastinator… I’ll read a few sentences about a memory technique, get distracted, come back, read everything, then I get tired when I have to think of how to apply the techniques to what I’m learning, then the next day I forget what the technique was, cycle repeats.
Hopefully engaging in the community and more exposure to this stuff helps lol

  • What’s the big goal you want to achieve? What have you tried so far? What worked, what didn’t?

consistently revise what I’ve learned at school every day to reduce strain on my crappy mental health :crying_cat_face: Get familiar with memory techniques that will help me in exams and study.

at the moment I’d like tips on how to memorize design elements and principles for my visual communication and design class

:grinning: :kissing_heart: :brain:
thanks beforehand y’all. very excited.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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thanks, great to be here
:raccoon: :rabbit: :camel:

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