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Hello everyone. I am a quantum physicist who strongly admires the work of Giordano Bruno. I read the work of Francis Yates years ago but forgot about the art of memory for years. The pandemic has had the good consequence of giving me time to read old interests like this. I am currently reading De imaginum after having read De umbris idearum in its Spanish version. Having said that I am still working on passing from theory to action, which may take a while.

I have several goals, one of them is developing a memory system for complicated equations, specially those that are used in quantum field theory and general relativity. This is still work in progress at a very early stage.

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind welcome comment. Just wanted to clarify that in my intro I mentioned I read De Umbris Idearum, nevertheless I don’t by any means that I understand it! It is full of cryptic remarks but I found it fascinating. Fortunately De imaginum is way more didactic! I would love to hear comments about these and other old books on the subject. (Forgive me if I am not very moved to read modern popular books on the subject).

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You might be interested in these threads that refer to Giordano Bruno’s books:

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Welcomes from Texas, 'migo. I’ll be interested to see what you do to remember general equations!

Sure pal. Have you every seen something similar? A memory system to remember equations?

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I’ve not seen that exact thing myself, but I’m eager to see it too! I really like physics too, and I’ve wanted to become more educated on the subject (I know just like general overview type stuff, but I’ve wanted to dive deeper); maybe you’ll be able to teach me your methods once I build on top to general relativity :smile: