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Hello everyone, raging noob here. 31yo male. Read a couple of articles about competitive memory games, thought they sounded like fun. I went looking for somewhere to try my hand, and found this place.

I’ve always been pretty confident in my memory, but after getting my butt kicked by the solo training exercises, I’ve realised I have a tremendous amount to learn and discover.

I work in investigative accounting and also have a background in music. Hoping that improving my memory skills will help me with both of those things, as well as with learning languages (both vernacular and electronic).

Looking forward to talking with you all and soaking up as much as possible!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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Tell us a bit more about the music and (if you don’t mind) what specifically would you like to be able to memorise? Music Theory? Repertoire? Songs? Arrangements? Trivia? The more info the better - memorising music from a score at first sight (or from hearing at first hearing if a simple piece of music) is a particualr interest to some of us on the site.- though it is not as far as I am aware one of the disciplines of ‘memory athletes’.- I wish it were as we would see some fabulous systems springing up if the high powered memory boys got involved.

Welcome to the site.

K, Glasgow, Scotland.