New Member, born and raised in Japan, live in Breckenridge, CO

I watched a Japanese advertisement 5-day-video of Memory Palace which I found in Facebook. I watched all these episodes because I had never heard of it and found very interesting. At the end of the program, yesterday, they mentioned how much this 2-month-course would cost. I was shocked at the price. I googled and found out there are lots of similar programs out there. I asked my husband and he found this program.
I am Japanese, born and grew up in Tokyo. I lived in Germany and Washington DC area and moved to Breckenridge, Colorado 3 years ago. I’m a competitive tennis player and skier, love to play piano and paint art, like good movies and series
I read a lot nowadays, like 50 books in the last 5-6 months and noticed I don’t remember some of the books and feel sad. I want to remember names and numbers more easily, too.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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Welcome ,you are in the right place just surf the forum and ask questions, the admin is kind person and also the members, I hope you learn the techniques and turn your life easier. Practice make progress.

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