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Hi all,

I watched ‘Memory Games’ on Netflix and was immediately capitivated by how amazing it would be to learn a new language, or remember all the important parts of a book or the seemingly infinite amount of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu moves!

I also realised how powerful it would be if I could remember names and information about people such as their hobbies, families, vocation, workplaces etc.

My goal is to memorise all the individuals in my work industry: names (often foreign / difficult); degrees, universities attended; grades acheived; deals they worked on; team they work in; languages they speak; etc.

This probably amounts to 3500 people.

I’m guessing this will be done by Memory Palace and coding all the data in a certain way.

The tricky part is also figuring out how to recall this information in a number of ways e.g. by uni attended ; or by year graduated and only Swedish speakers etc.

I’m incredibly excited and have been working on this at least 2 hours per day (often more).

I’ve started on the Major System and practising that just now. Today is day 2 and I was ‘fluent’ in coding 73 out 100 numbers.

It feels like I’m gaining a super-power!!!

Am also really excited to share this with my kids as they’re young and in primary school. We did a simple link method to remember a 10 item shopping list and they love reciting it in the morning … the possibilities are truly astounding.

Any advice on my goal would be very welcome. I’m also about to work with a memory coach on the above as feel a few calls to get on the right path are well worth the investment vs time spent me figuring it out myself.

Thanks !!!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! It’s an excellent resource … loving it!

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