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OK, So, here’s the deal: My name is Jerry Bies (I go by JB) My user name will be bison3 on this forum. I’m 80 years old and live with my wife and 4 dogs on 10 acres of land outside of Smithville Texas, (population 2500) about 50 miles east of Austin.
My main objective in joining this group is in learning to retain phrases in Spanish which I’ve just recently begun to study.
All the information I’ve been able to find so far whether on Youtube or in books is about learning vocabulary. So far that hasn’t been a problem. I have a couple of phone apps that seem to work well (Anki and Fluent-Forever).
There are also a couple of websites I’m a member of that also have flash cards as part of their programming.
What I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around is just how to memorize phrases. I can see assigning a location or number to a single word or digit but anything more complex than that eludes me. I’m hoping to find some suggestions or possibly even some coaching relative to this problem.
I know it might seem humorous but I really want to streamline the process. As I said, I’m 80 and feel I don’t have that much time to be spinning my wheels.
I’ve noticed, I seem to have slowed down in my ability to retain information but I think that’s because of lack of training. Any help would be greatly appreciated at this point.
Thanks in advance

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