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hi guys!
I’m here on a bit of an impulse because I just watched the Memory Games documentary on Netflix ^^;; I really loved Yanjaa in the documentary and I really look up to her!! As well, the part about male domination in the sport of memory really hit me. I’m currently studying biology as well as math+computer science in university, and I’ve noticed many differences in the gender ratios between these two types of classes.
I’m really curious also about the psychology of education and learning, and I thought that learning about memory would be a worthwhile effort to help me understand these things (and also perhaps do better in school, haha!). I also noticed that when I was diagnosed with depression during a really bad episode in my life (around 3 years ago), my memory of those years as well as my schoolwork at the time is incredibly fuzzy compared to my recent life as well as things that happened more than 3 years ago. I’m really interested in how memory can be affected (and perhaps can also affect…?) one’s mental illnesses.
Whew, that’s all! I’ve just started on AOM and I hope I’ll be able to get better at this as I go along :smile:

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it, there’s a thread about the documentary here: Memory Games on Netflix (2019)