New member: Bertrand from France


I discovered memory training some years ago when I saw someone solving Rubik’s cubes blindfolded. I already knew how to do it eyes open and I wanted to do the same.

Then I studied how memory work, created mind palace and I currently use a mix between PAO and letter-pairing to memorize cubes.

Currently I can memorize eight cubes in a row and solve them in one hour, plus my PB single is 2mn21

I came here to talk about blindfold speedcubing and start a training journal to help me to keep the motivation.


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Nice!!! :wink:

Old Pochmann or 3-style or somewhere in-between?

Check out #blindfolded-speed-cubing here or forums on the actual cubing sides… sometimes they don’t know they use memory techniques or why/how… but with a combination of both forums you might get the best of both worlds.

Thank you for these messages.

@bjoern.gumboldt I started with Old-Pochmann method, but today I’m using turbo for edges and still OP for corners, but I’m currently learning turbo for corners.

(And after posting my introduction message I beaten my PB single: 2mn03.87)

May I suggest Orozco for corners… might be the better option if you’re planning on going 3-style somewhere down the line.

I’ve watched Jack Cai’s tutorial. This method seems interresting, and more practical than turbo corners where setup moves can be a nightmare.

Thank you.

Check out his spreadsheet online, too. Just don’t spend too much time on Orozco, because otherwise you’ll be way to efficient on UFR / URB and it’ll feel weird later on to do 3-style.